I have been a member since last year. I am 63 years old. I have – Kenneth Burdick email address

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I have been a member since last year. I am 63 years old.
I have a problem with a specific doctor Satish Arora M.D.
2085 Kensington Ave Snyder NY 716-893-3755. I see this kind of thing on TV and has never expected this to happen to me. So I am going to report it to every department that will listen.

My last visit May 10, 2017. Dr. Satish Arora was disturbed that I did not contact one of his associates to treat my prostate cancer.
Dr. Satish Arora has retaliated by refusing to fill my prescription at CVS on July 20th 2017. I have never missed an appointment with Dr. Satish Arora. My brother goes to all my appointments with me, my brother and my father. I have my brother keep my appointments also. My brother did not have a follow up appointment scheduled for July 7, 2017. Dr. Satish Arora scheduled my appointment without my knowledge so that he could refused to refill my prescription at my local CVS. with out a reason.
I chose to go to WNY Urology Dr. Greco for prostate cancer treatment. I was seeing Dr. Satish Arora for my HBP. The last three visits my HBP has been in the normal range.
I dont understand why Dr. Satish Arora would refuse my prescription with out a call to me or even a courtesy call about the falsely scheduled appointment.
I have requested a change in my PCP. This has never happened to me before. I cant allow Dr. Satish Arora to play games with my health because of his greed for kickbacks and money. Dr. Satish Arora is scheduling false office visits, unneeded visits. His actions are a direct result of my choice not to see his associate for my cancer treatment, and should be taken seriously. I can not trust Dr. Satish with my health. Today July25th I am out of my HBP medication because I had been waiting for my local CVS to fill it. I am going to the emergency room and will sue Dr. Satish Arora for the 75 dollar emergency room Co-pay.

Hillard Williams Jr

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