I have been buying Tod’s shoes, boots, and handbags for many years. I ‘ve spent thousands – Diego Della Valle email address

Eileen sent a message to Diego Della Valle President and CEO, Tod’s – email address that said:

I have been buying Tod's shoes, boots, and handbags for many years. I've spent thousands upon thousands of dollars in your stores. Today I brought a pair of older Tod's loafers into your Madison Avenue store. I was wearing them on Sunday while sitting in the car (as a passenger) when the right shoe, literally disintegrated on my foot. The thick sole fell away from the shoe and the rubber was crumbling. The shiny outer shell around the thick sole, completely fell apart. I was not even walking when it happened. The other shoe in the pair is absolutely fine. Not worn out, not damaged, absolutely fine.

I knew the shoe could not be fixed, but this should not happen to quality shoes that I've paid so much money for. Not only do I want to know what happened to the shoe, but I thought you might want to know too. You're supposed to be making high quality merchandise and I thought you'd like to know when something so freakish happens.

No one in your store cared in the least. We were passed from person to person, and no one took us seriously or cared. They tried to send me to a 3rd party shoemaker. I told them I can see it can't be fixed, but I want to know why this happened. Is this what I'm to expect from Tod's? Finally someone took a picture of the shoe, which really won't tell you anything, and had us fill out a form. She told us to take the shoes home with us and said if we hear anything back, it would probably be in 4 - 8 weeks. She would not send the shoes to you for analysis.

I have an extensive designer shoe collection and I know quality shoes. I bought Tod's because I thought you were a quality company with first class service and merchandise. It's bad enough that the shoe just disintegrated, but for them to completely not care, not even say "I'm sorry. This shouldn't happen." and not do anything to try to find out why it would happen, is not acceptable. I'm very, very disappointed in your company. If this is the best you can do, I'll be spending my money elsewhere.



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