I have been made aware that my final payment in 2016 during the process of – Thomas M Rutledge email address

Amy M. Ferguson sent a message to Thomas M. Rutledge Chief Executive Officer and President of Charter Communications, Inc. Email Address that said:

I have been made aware that my final payment in 2016 during the process of moving was not applied and has now gone to collections. I am in the process of disputing this amount and clearing it from my record. Reason for contacting you is to inform you that many of your agents need extra training. One did not even know the Name of the company CEO. Stated his name was "Tim", I will be following up with this issue. Again, payment was paid in full in December of 2016. Supervisor "Avery" was of no assistance and put me on hold just to come back and inform me that his managers were all in a meeting. Me being a Direct Manager myself, I would never risk upsetting a customer to the point of canceling services over a meeting. I always step out and speak to my customers,maybe that is why I have such respect from them. I have started disputing on my end. I have also informed other family members (3 accounts) whom are not happy with services anyway of the difficulty which I am having. I am sorry to say that you are risking more customers over what seems like a computer or data entry error! As the CEO is this really what you want? I have also spoke with a friend of the family who also is an attorney at law and she states " they are both just giving you the run around." She will be more than happy to take the case on since I cant seem to get any where with your company agents and managers! As a manager I was taught to do the right thing because its the right thing to do! Is that your motto?

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