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I have been trying since November 2017 to get an insurance issue resolved. I went to the same provider twice. Once was October 31, 2017 and the other November 7, 2017. The October 31st claim was paid, but Im getting the run around on the November 7th claim. The invoices I submitted from the provider are exactly the same except for the date. The excuse for not paying is the diagnosis code. I have called about seven times on the matter. Rocko - a Cigna representative, had the provider on the phone to get the diagnosis code. He informed me he was putting the claim through and I should be receiving payment. He gave me a reference #9945. I did not see any payment, so I called again and talked to Vince. He did not see any notes in Rockos notes to help him see what the diagnosis code was, so he again called the provider. I asked Vince to have someone call me to lodge a complaint. He said someone would call me within 24 hrs. That was over a week ago and still no call. Vince also gave me a new reference # 4575 after he talked to someone at the providers office who said the person that codes was out with the flu. I have a voicemail on my phone from the provider that they spoke to a Cigna representative and gave them the code and I should receive payment soon. I still havent seen a payment. I dont understand why the diagnosis code that was used on the first invoice cant be used on the second invoice, since it was the exact same treatment. Is there anything you can do to help?

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