I have been trying to get help on my Restasis I\'m on social security and – Brenton L Saunders email address

Darlene Parisi sent a message to Brenton L. Saunders - Chief Executive Officer of Allergan, Plc - Email Address that said:

I have been trying to get help on my Restasis Im on social security and my health insurance will not cover this prescription I have try to get help though Allergen and they turn me down. The cost for one bottle will cost me $136.00. I have very dry eyes and without Restasis my eye lid wipes the cornea due to my dry eyes. I have a lot of medical bills along with a hearing problem that I have to pay month due to the fact its costing me $2000.
I have tried every thing I could do and asking for your help I would greatly appreciate anything you can do for me. I have done everything but stand on my head.
Please help me the tearing the cornea is very painful.
Thank you for reading my message.
Darlene Parisi

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