I have had no word from anyone in your company about our Aug. 29,2011 – Akio Toyoda email address

Harold  sent a message to Akio Toyoda President and CEO, Toyota Motor Corporation – email address that said:

I have had no word from anyone in your company about our Aug. 29,2011 accident. Our Rav4 was hit by a car that went thru a stop sign. There was $10,000 in damages and our front air bag sensor was smashed but NO air bags deployed. I sent you pictures of my late wife's injuries(she passes away two months ago). You have all or most of the medical info I sent you in early 2013, when I filed a formal complaint with NHTSA. I am still being treated for my back injuries and spine injuries and neck injuries. I now wear a back brace 24 hrs. a day and night. I ask that you look at the insurance report that said that driver's air bag module was replaced because it was "BAD". Then in April, 2014 Toyota released a statement saying that if you drive a Rav4 and turn the steering wheel during an accident(JUST LIKE I DID DURING OUR ACCIDENT) you could be disabling your air bag cable. Poor design staff or just profit before people. Now, she is dead and I am alone. The years of pain and me caring for her and my grandson(who was born with fluid and blood on the brain) have left me without her monthly pension of $959 a month and I am going to lose my house. These "design flaws" make many people think they are all alone and that nobody cares if you live or die. Thank you.

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