I have just been listening to radio 2 , they have a topical discussion slot and – Michael OLeary email address

Dawn sent a message to Michael O'Leary,€“ CEO, Ryanair€“ Email Address that said:

I have just been listening to radio 2 , they have a topical discussion slot and they have been discussing poor customer service , which incidentally, is what I have recently experienced with Ryanair , it seems a common problem , that when you have a situation and try to acquire help or assistance that this is not an easy thing, I personally, am disgusted and appalled with the treatment and manner my specific problem was dealt with , I feel like customer service is very much a thing of the past , my daughter is 19 and severely disabled , she has severe vision impairment and on booking a holiday I was informed by the holiday Travel company I needed to book flights directly as wheelchair assistance needed to be sorted out and the travel comp were unable to help with this , this is where my stress and problems started , doing something so simple was such a hard and impossible task , I spent a whole evening trying to book assistance and seats , I tried to find a special assistance contact with no success , trying to phone and speak to a human person is impossible, the live chat is really not good, the operatives deal with five customers at a time, This is really prejudice towards wheelchair users and disabled customers , I can't express how disgusted I am, I rang and eventually after 30 mins got to speak to a gentleman called Adrian Sampson , who I believe was in Bucharest , he said someone would phone from Dublin your head office , he said in the next couple of days , only that wasn't the case , it was almost a week , I spoke to Maria gilio on Tuesday 16 Feb , she informed me her supervisor Lorraine would be in touch , as of yet I still haven't heard and it's now Friday 19th February , it seems profit margins are much more important that customer service and looking after passengers in the manner and with respect that they deserve.
I truly am flabbergasted and extremely unhappy with this whole dreadful situation , it's shocking to realise that this is how disabled customers are treated

Kind Regards

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