I have just got off the phone with your customer services people in France without – JeanMarc Duvoisin email address

Claire sent a message to Jean-Marc Duvoisin-CEO of Nespresso-email address that said:

I have just got off the phone with your customer services people in France without a solution. The lady who tried to help me was nice, but not empowered to find the right solution.
I ordered a coffee machine yesterday, before the cut-off time, so that I could be delivered today. I have been buying Nespresso products for the entire time of your existence, having become a customer in your first year of operations.
I ordered the machine EXPRESSLY because it would be delivered today!
At 14:19 today, I received a mail from the local French delivery company, Chronopost, saying my delivery would take place tomorrow.
I have checked - and your colleague tells me the machine only left your Nestle depot at 11:45 this morning, so, assuming that depot is not in Toulouse, it must have taken a truck or a plane or a bus from then, and arrived somewhere near Toulouse at 14:00 or so. No wonder they are unable to deliver until tomorrow!
I have ten people coming to dinner tonight, and no coffee machine!
I leave at dawn tomorrow on a trip to Poland. I have no time to go to the boutique and buy the machine.
I suggested that customer services take the time to call the local boutique TO WHICH I DO NOT HAVE THE TIME TO GO, to arrange for them to deliver a machine to me. She told me that was "impossible". I am assuming that if I had been a famous person, a PDG of a company, it might have been "possible", but for me, apparently not. I live only ten minutes walk from the store. I have ZERO time to go there. That is why I ordered on line!
What can you do about this? Tomorrow is not good enough, and it was not Nestle's promise.
Are you content that your company cannot sort this out? I do not want to receive a small box of chocolates in compensation. I would like a solution.
Thanks in advance

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