I have purchased several of your motor sports products over the years and enjoyed each – Hiroyuki Yanagi email address

bobby sent a message to Hiroyuki Yanagi President and Representative Director, Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. that said:

I have purchased several of your motor sports products over the years and enjoyed each. I have recently purchased a 2015 yamaha yz125 motor cross bike. Much to my disappointment the rear shock has blown the seals after only roughly 15 hrs of riding. I have tried to go thru the proper channels to have this issue resolved. I have discovered that due to being past 30 days, there is nothing that can be done. I do not feel that the time is being taking to determine if maybe there was a error in assembly. I am very disappointed in the customer service being provide by Yamaha Sehorn of Shawnee, oklahoma. The owner Mark Sehorn has lied to me. For example: Mark told me the rear shock was unable to be taken apart, due to being under high pressure. I know this is a lie. I have used the wonderful world of internet and discovered that not only can you take this shock apart and rebuild. You are also supposed to change the oil in this shock after a certain amount of use in order to extend the life of said shock. Mark has also informed me that it is not them but a rep. for yamaha that comes to their shop and writes the report. The service Rep for Sehorn told me, the day i dropped it off, He would have the paperwork done that day and sent out later that night. So, again Mark lies. I own a small family business and take great pride in taking care of my customers. I have learned over the years of dealing with large companies that sometimes poor service happens due to the man on top, not being informed. Needless to say your company will still being getting my hard earned money but Sehorn will not. Very annoyed and unhappy customer. May you have a blessed day.

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