I have to say I am a bit unhappy with your “carry-on” pet policy… I have taken my small – Gary Kelly email address

Deborah sent a message to Gary C. Kelly Chairman, President, and CEO, Southwest Airlines Co. – email address that said:

I have to say I am a bit unhappy with your "carry-on" pet policy... I have taken my small cat 3 times now on Southwest flights at $100 per one way flight. This cat fits in a collapsible carrier under the seat in front of me (at my feet) as is my "One carry on bag"... 1) Your "one carry on" is supposed to be freeI and 2) My cat (impossible as it is to believe) was silent the entire flight(s). I flew from LA to Manchester last time with a stopover in Dallas (we did not have to get off the plane). I was in the window seat and a man was in the aisle seat. I took the cat out from under the seat in front of me and put him on the seat between us to pet him and give him some air and the man next to me said "Wow"! I didn't even know there was a cat under there!! Meanwhile, the woman three rows back has a screaming toddler, disturbing the ENTIRE CABIN who is riding for FREE!!! This is both unfair and inequitable and discriminatory against women who are childless.... and I can understand charging for a pet, but $100 is a bit excessive. Heck, on the shorter SW flights this can be more than a passenger fare.... I ask change the pet carry on policy. And to be fair, you need to charge as much for "carry on" infants. Seriously. This is discrimination against barren women...... I look forward to your reply....

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