I have to write to let you know about the completely redicuoulous time I have – Edward W Stack email address

Brad Iverson sent a message to Edward W. Stack Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dicks Sporting Goods Email Address that said:

I have to write to let you know about the completely redicuoulous time I have had activating a gift card that was a sent to me as a replace card for one that was lost. I tried activating the card via email because the first two times I called for assistance they help center was closed. After 4 days and about 8 emails I gave up they just told me to call the number I had already tried to call. I then spent about 1 hour on the phone after I was able to get through I got sent to the line for those who can assist with Gift Cards. well I sat on the phone waiting for about 20 minutes and gave up and called back to find out all of the people who handles codes were gone for the day. I got to a manager who said he would make sure this got done first thing in the morning when the people who hadled the cards were available and send me an email. I never got an emails so I waited for 3 days. Still not emails so I called back. When I called back I was informed the card had been activated and all was fine with the card... I tried to use the card and to my dismay it was not activated. I gave up until after Christmas as I was busy. Today I called and the first person at the call center told me she could not help. then transferred me to Polly in the Corporate office. Polly seem to figure out in about two minutes that the card was marked as stolen or lost and activate it. It is very Sad to me that I have spent over 3 hours and several interactions with over 4 people who represent Dicks sporting goods to actually get to a resolution on this issue.

Signed a disappointed customer
Brad Iverson

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