I have used your store on 15th ave in Wilton manors Florida since it opened – Stefano Pessina email address

Seth sent a message to Stefano Pessina – Executive Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Walgreens Boots Alliance email address that said:

I have used your store on 15th ave in Wilton manors Florida since it opened. I have cancer,aids, and narcolepsy. I am on many medications. I called the store on Saturday to see if my prescription was ready as I had dropped it off a few weeks prior. When I called a substitute pharmacist was there and said he wanted my medical records. My doctor is right next door, my records of filling the prescription is in the computer. I could not believe what he put me through. Not am I as sick as I am but my mother has stage 4 lung cancer who I am trying to take care of. Its been a very rough time for me over the last few years. Although by law he has the right to do it, in these circumstances he should not have done that. Not only is he questing me but also the regular pharmacist and my doctor. As well as Medicares formulary. I really hope that there is a solution to this all. I have emailed the ceo of CVS and he had his Area Manager and District manager call me to tell me if I ran into any issues I should let them know. Thats the way it should be done when your dealing with a very sickly person.

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