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I have worked for Mcds off and on for over 16 yrs love working I – Steve Easterbrook email address

Alechia sent a message to Steve Easterbrook- CEO of McDonald’s – email address that said:

I have worked for Mcds off and on for over 16 yrs love working I work for an independent owner in Vernon Alabama the store I work for isn't ran the way it should be the store manager... Talks bad about everyone behind their back for a fact I know she was even discussing my finances what me and my husband bring in.. My husband has been there over 8 yrs he does the best he can at his job.. He is sick we can't get the help he needs and we r not sure what exactly is wrong.. He does his job best he can.. He has only had a .25 cent raise since he started.. Sometimes they call him for the craziest things at any time of day bc we live right down street from it he doesnt clock in when he's called like that to do a Lil something and it aggrivates him to work 5 days a week and every two weeks only bring in a Lil over 300$ trying to help support a family of 6 people we rent a house 600 a month bc we can't afford to buy and can't get a loan... We live literally pay check to pay check can't afford to get our 2nd car fixed it needs like 3000$ worth of work.. And we r still paying on our 2nd vehicle bc our 1st one the one that needs fixed. Is a v8 I needed something cheaper to drive 80 miles a day to work.. So we had to go in the hole so to speak to get another car.. My husbands bro lives with us to help us out with bills a Lil he's disabled and we help take care of him he draws ssi.. What I'm getting at though is it would be awesome if u would consider doing an under cover boss thing at the Mcds in Vernon Alabama bc I've told these things to the person over the store manager and I've talked to the owner and all they do is tell me to talk to the store manager and how can u when she is the problem and the reason they can't keep anyone for long and the good employees get treated like crud or talked bout like they r dogs when they r not around..I have bad carpal tunnel can't get it fully taken care of it hurts to text this letter right now seriously and I need survey on my teeth can't afford it..need help with this store in Vernon al plzz consider it.. My hubby is main maintance guy Charles Enfinger and I was a manager.. Plzz help.. I quit bc I work full time in a factory and was working there on sat nights to help us out with money but working 2nd shift leaving house at 2pm and getting home by 1am mon-fri at one job the Mcds 3pm to 1230am on sat I hardly ever see my kids and we have 3.. All teenagers 13 14 and 17.. Its hard...plzz help.. Sincerely Alechia Enfinger desperate for help for my MCDS I loved working in that position and would love to have a chance to advance myself and my life long dream is I play woodwind instruments if I can pic it up I can play them by ear or notes on page my dream though is to play my piccolo or sorpano sax with a big time Christian Artist like the ones on KLove...plzz help us...and to get my hubby the medical care he needs with his teeth and whatever is dragging him down his left arm going numb and him shaking so bad he can't even hold a fork to eat not always but comes and goes I see these big Ceos on undercover boss taking care and helping people and then also making their store better plzzz help.. Alechia..

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