I hope as CEO your can assist me because I\'m not getting any results from – Saun Bruce W Van email address

Alexander DePalma sent a message to Saun Bruce W Van - Chief Executive Officer, Citizens Bank RBS Citizens - Email Address that said:

I hope as CEO your can assist me because Im not getting any results from anyone else. I applied for a Home Equity Loan in early July, 2017 and after faxing all the necessary documents required I received a letter stating that my loan was conditionally approved on July 29, 2017 (Application No 16407675). To date I have not received any other info on the status of the loan nor have I received phone calls back regarding the loan. All of my phone calls go unanswered.. My wife and are very frustrated with Citizens Bank. I would appreciate your assistance in rectifying this situation. I can be contacted by calling 732- 477-4841 or my email address adilpalma@comcast.net. Thank you!

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