I just learned of your announcement to allow any “transgendered”person to use bathrooms – Brian C Cornell email address

Debbie sent a message to Brian C. Cornell Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Target Corporation – email address that said:

I just learned of your announcement to allow any "transgendered" person to use bathrooms and dressing rooms in your stores according to the gender with which they associate. I suppose this is another example of "he who yells the loudest gets their way". I am absolutely appalled and disgusted. I understand that this is a difficult situation, but in your effort to be the first to take a stand I find it impossible to believe you have considered all the ramifications. For the vast majority of your customers, you have made it impossible for us to feel comfortable and safe in restrooms and dressing rooms. You have opened the door for any person, male or female, to enter those private areas of your stores and be assured that no one will question their being there regardless of their sex. You are expecting us, or our children, to enter restrooms and dressing rooms and to totally be comfortable with seeing members of the opposite sex. Sorry. Not going to happen. Here in North Carolina, our governor has been crucified for trying to protect the citizens of this state with HB2. I applaud him, while at the same time knowing there is no perfect solution and that this law will, unfortunately, most likely be overturned. My question is why is it not as important for me to feel comfortable and safe? Don't I have a civil right? Shouldn't I be able to visit a public restroom or dressing room without feeling denied of my privacy? I think if you intend to be the one with the answers, you're going to have to open your wallet and do some remodeling of restrooms and dressing rooms in your stores. Simply making a statement does not create a solution. I thank you for your attention.

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