I just want to inform you that not all people like to pay bills online – Stephen H Rusckowski email address

Toni sent a message to Stephen H. Rusckowski – President and Chief Executive Officer of Quest Diagnostics – Email Address that said:

I just want to inform you that not all people like to pay bills online, especially with the current hacking of so many sites.
My husband, Thomas Kaasbell saw his dr. and they did not collect the copay for bloodwork. The email came to my yahoo mailbox. I prefer a bill in the mail. Quest Labs are a nightmare trying to reach an 800 number with an actual person to help. I am so tired of the recorded messages. You need to know this and hopefully an 800 number will be provided by the lab when the work is done.
The insurance company says I owe $14.39. The Quest bill online says $14.89 and now I get another showing my copay is $15.00 from Aetna after I asked them to look into. I dont know what I owe now. Could you have someone call me and if I am not available, please leave a number with their extension so that I might be able to speak to a person to straighten this out. My credit score is 815 and Quest called me years ago saying they were sending a bill to collection and I had never received a bill. PLEASE NO MORE OF THIS NONSENSE.  For years I refused to use Quest if there was another lab, but it seems like all the drs. are using Quest these days.

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