I just wanted to inform you about a local worker who really went out of – W Rodney McMullen email address

Jan sent a message to Rodney McMullen – Chief Executive Officer of The Kroger Co. email address that said:

I just wanted to inform you about a local worker who really went out of her way to make sure I was helped and to make sure the right thing happened. We bought two western union checks from Kroger. One was valid and approved by Western Union as valid, the other was not recognized--we do not know what this problem was. At any rate we could not cash it where intended and pay places would not cash it and suggested we return to Kroger. While western union approved the $1000.00 check, it would not approve the other. Yet we could not cash it because the company that authorizes cashing it would not do that because of the amount even though we paid with cash and had the receipt. Judy Freel spent a lot of time trying to talk Western Union and this other company into removing the block. We were very frustrated and so was she, she was persistent and in the end Sherry Rayburn, the person who sold us one of the Western union checks and Judy found a way to cash our two western union checks. We will never use Western Union again, but we will gladly use Krogers again. The type of dedication and concern for the customer is not typical of what is found in management, often you just get shut down and left with a problem. Judy would not let that happen. We commend her as well as thank her. And I hope you too will honor this type of dedication in someone who represents you well.

Most Sincerely


Please recognize Judy for her compassion and dedication.

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