Centurylink is the only provider of ommunications to our area. – Glen F Post III email address

Keith sent a message to Glen F. Post, III Chief Executive Officer of CenturyLink, Inc. Email Address that said:

Centurylink is the only provider of communications to our area. Starting three weeks ago our Internet became unusable, dial-up speeds but even worse; dropped packets. For three weeks we have tried without success to get Centurylink to inform us what is going on and when it will be resolved. Unfortunately I have not had any success through chat, e-mail, Facebook or phone. Two tech appointments passed as no call, no shows. We get into a loop of CSR's who claim they don't know what is going on or canned replies instead of actual responses. With you being the only company to provide us service we are nearly without communications and at the mercy of Centurylink. I think three weeks is plenty of time to either fix the issue or contact us with a detailed reply, so far we have been unable to get this.

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