I need a call from you or your CFO Thomas. Not anyone else – David Cordani email address

Paul sent a message to David Cordani – President and CEO of Cigna Corporation – Email Address that said:

I need a call from you or your CFO Thomas. Not anyone else from Cigna. On Friday, Jan 13, 2017 at 12:57pm EST Cigna Pharmacy charged $626.00 out of my bank account without being authorized to do so. On file it shows that I am to be contacted first before medications are sent and to get my authorization to charge it to my bank account. This has always been done until yesterday. I bought groceries but had to return some while people were waiting behind me scoffing because my card kept declining for Insufficient funds. That was so humiliating, embarrassing and demeaning since your company's unauthorized action caused others to demean me in public for the time I was taking for something I had no reason to understand why it kept being declined. I can prove that besides the Cigna charge, the only other charge was at that Walmart.
As of Jan 1, 2017 I am not covered under Cigna Pharmacy, but now Express Script. My doctor's office sent the e-script to Cigna Pharmacy, but then resent to Express Script, realizing the change. Cigna Pharmacy is was under contract to call me before any payments taken out.
I have spoke to different call centers and supervisors and left messages on the CT Headquarters office main answering machine. Brianna expedited the credit last night. This is a holiday weekend so I am left with only $3.00 and hope I have no automatic bill payments coming because it will cause overdraft fees as a result of your company's fraudulent action.
I found numbers to Corporate and left messages because your call centers said they didn't have any numbers to call or give. I have all names and times I spoke with people so you can pull the recorded calls and hear them even admit to what they did as wrong and an error.
I appreciate the expedition of a credit, yet do not appreciate anyone trying to go above and beyond to reverse charges or get anything done before Tuesday. It comes off as no one cares and only want to refund the mistake with nothing else offered for my extreme inconvenience except to cover any overdraft fees that may occur with proof, understandably.
But this is Grand Theft. Unauthorized use of my debit card of over $300.00. No one cared about trying to reach any Risk Management. I am in contact with Business Law firms about this now.
You, as CEO, need to be aware of what happened. I am sure you and other administration are having a great long weekend, as I sit with only $3 because of Cigna literally stealing $626.00 from me and nothing get done until possibly Tuesday.
The bank can't do anything because it was done on a Friday and the transaction is in pending. They can only do a claim if and when the transaction posts. The fact remains that this would never have happened if your Pharmacy would have called for authorization, which would have been denied, as they are bound by policy shown on my account.
This is your company and you are the one that can make a difference and show true human care and empathy and professionalism so I want to hear from you and not a secretary or anyone else other than CFO Thomas McCarthy. In the meantime I am continuing to pursue legal advice and/or options, as well as contacting media so others will not experience this frustrating, extreme, illegal activity. It is no different than being robbed.

Thank you for your attention to this.

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