I ordered 2 GCs on 12/12/17, one for $60 and one for $35. to be – Laura J Alber email address

Carol Hunt sent a message to Laura J. Alber Director, President, and CEO, Williams-Sonoma email address that said:

I ordered 2 GCs on 12/12/17, one for $60 and one for $35. to be emailed to me. When they didnt arrive I called WS and spoke with Melinda who first stated that the order number was wrong - told her I received the number from WS but she just wanted to argue that the numbers were wrong. She said there was no record of the GC and that I should wait 24 hours and if they still didnt appear, I should reorder, which I did. Several days later, the original two ordered GCs showed up in my mailbox. I have been trying to get a credit for the first two since 12/14! Have sat on hold for up to 45 minutes! Have called numerous numbers, including the corporate number. Every person Ive talked with has said, "sorry, I cannot help you with this, Ill prepare a ticket and send it to the next level." NOTHING HAPPENS! This is not a difficult problem! Nordstrom has figured it out as have Amazon, LL Bean, CafePress and so many others! Google Williams Sonoma customer service the worst! It appears your company has some serious issues in this area. How can this simple problem be resolved? The assistance from someone at your company will be appreciated! Next time one of my kids wants a GC to WS, I will send them money. AWFUL, TERRIBLE customer service - so frustrated!! Thank you in advance for your help.

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