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I ordered a basketball hoop for my sons birthday! I ordered the hoop with 3 – Edward W Stack email address

Tracy sent a message to Edward W. Stack – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dick’s Sporting Goods – Email Address that said:

I ordered a basketball hoop for my sons birthday! I ordered the hoop with 3 weeks until his birthday. I was assured it would arrive in time. I paid $100 for shipping directly to my home. The order sat in the warehouse for 10 days prior to initiating the shipping process. AIT shipping was then involved with my shipping for delivery. Four phone calls and empty promises of a timely delivery was found to be empty promises. My son's birthday passed and still the shipping company was unaware of the progress of the hoop. Finally an email for delivery and selection of a date. To find it was canceled the next morning. Almost a month later and I am in charge of research and tracking of my package as Dicks is unaware of any progress or can suggest any resolutions. Disappointment continues!!!! After speaking to the AIT distributor in Virginia finally! (I found they dropped my hoop in Virginia and it was going to be returned to the origin as we don't deliver to Maryland. Frustration continues today!!! Very unprofessionally the employee at AIT states this s**** happens all the time. I proceeded to take leave to drive 52 miles each way and 90 minutes later I see my hoop in a damaged box. I paid $100 for shipping for a birthday gift 10 days ago. I took leave from work and had to drive 104 miles to retrieve my order in a different state! This is a complete disaster! Dicks was a complete let down in the order and facilitation of delivery and subcontracts to a company that can not handle the volume and troubleshooting that accommodates providing a service.

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