I placed an order November 22 for a captain America 75th anniversary shield. It was – Brian C Cornell email address

Jessica sent a message to Brian C. Cornell Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Target Corporation – email address that said:

I placed an order November 22 for a captain America 75th anniversary shield. It was not on back order when I placed the order then they sent a message delaying the item. I called yesterday to find out when it would be shipped(it was to arrive December 6-27th) and had no help on any information about the item. Today I received another delay notice. This was going to be a gift for my husband on December 26th. I have since had to tell him about it because it will not be here in time. I still want the item! But I would like to know any information regards to it. When will target get more in? What is going on? How can it be delayed twice? How could they delay to begin with? And the only thing offered to me yesterday was a refund, I DO NOT want a refund I would like the item I purchased as it is the perfect gift for my husband. I DO NOT want this slipped under the rug or delayed more. I am worried they are going to keep delaying it and I will not receive the item. Amazon had it recently for around what I purchased it for but did not buy it from them as I trusted target. However amazon has never promised a item and then said it was not Available after you purchase it, and their customer service is amazing they will do anything to keep their customers. If this happened with amazon they would find a way to get the item even at their cost to not lose a customer. I just want more information on what is taking so long.

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