I purchased a 2010 BMW XDrive 5/2013, In Milwaukee WI, in which I paid 24 – Thomas J Folliard email address

Terra  sent a message to Thomas J. Folliard  President and Chief Executive Officer of CarMax, Inc.  Email Address that said:

I purchased a 2010 BMW XDrive 5/2013, In Milwaukee WI, in which I paid 24,000 cash and an additional fee for the CarMax. I returned to CARMAX , in Virginia Beach VA where I am residing now to do a trade in, and I have had the worst experience ever, in regards to purchasing a vehicle. I originally wanted a silver Hyundai Sonata. The Sales person, Dave, stated that a particular black model would be best. I test drove one car and looked at another; however, after purchasing the car, I was told that I brought home the wrong car. When I returned the car, the car that I supposedly purchased had several noticeable scratches. I stated that the car that I test drove did not have all of these scratches, and since there was a mix up, I would like to get the car color that I originally asked for. The sales person ordered a silver Sonata and I waited another week for it to be brought in. Between that time, the sales person that I worked with was no longer available for me to work with. I was given no explanation as to why; I am not aware if he was terminated or not because I never saw him again. When the car came back, was Blue and not silver. So I had to go back out looking for another car frustrated and decided on the Hyundai Elantra. It was extremely late at this point, so I did not test drive the car. When I started driving it and turned on the heater, the strong smell of dog odor came through the vents, I called the new sales person and stated that I could not keep that car. He ordered another Sonata. I took off work and came in to do the return and the car was returned before another credit app was ran. The bank wanted another 400.00 down-payment, which was a shock to the new sales person. I believe that the manager that returned my car did not think that it would be a problem because both cars have the same base price. I did not have an extra 400.00 that night to put down, so I had to go through the process of buying the Elantra over again and spending 5.5hrs in the store. On top of the fact that the business rep that did my paper was extremely rude and nasty to me and the sales person. I had complications with my plates among other things. I was humiliated and frustrated and the store manager basically said pick another car, pay the money, or go back with the car you had, and I’ll leave you to make that decision. It was late and I had no transportation, so I had to leave with the Elantra. I know that there could have been something done after all of the turmoil that I experienced. I send people to Carmax all the time because of the previous experience that I had. This is my second car and I had plan to purchase any other car in the future with Carmax. I really need a positive resolve. I want the Sonata that I came to the store for not the car that I left. I have to pay monthly payments. I seems like there is no mercy or loyalty at all for the customer. Please Help!!!
Thank You,

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