I purchased a NEW roper dryer from Lowe\'s in Salem VA (24153) in September of – Jeff M Fettig email address

Gloria Hilton sent a message to Jeff M. Fettig - Chairman and CEO of Whirlpool Corporation - Email Address that said:

I purchased a NEW roper dryer from Lowes in Salem VA (24153) in September of 2016. It started having problem Friday, Feb 17, 2017. THe heating element stays on after the drum has stopped...but more importantly the unit turns itself on. The dial slowly goes to the on position from the off position. The sound of it woke my son (thank God) and he unplugged it. WHen I called Lowes hey wanted to send a technician out to look at it.: I tried to make them aware that if it caught on fire it could be a very bad law suit for Lowes, Roper and Whirlpool. I had to insist on getting someone right away. They currently have a free lance repair person (Chucks Service 540-362-5885) scheduled for Thursday. WHen I called Chucs I spoke with Earl who says there is no such order yet. I am letting you know aout this problem because I do not think you are being well informed. This way I know you are being informed. There are problems with some things that Lowes is trying o minimize. The numbers are
S/N: M63220807
TYPE: DWJR-ELE-2406026-FM54
it was purchased on my charge account September 2, 2016. Thank you
Gloria R. Hilton

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