I purchased our flights some months ago for the sum of 1345.32 after – Michael OLeary email address

MR RICHARD sent a message to Michael O’Leary – CEO, Ryanair – Email Address that said:

I purchased our flights some months ago for the sum of £1345.32 after being previously advised by a Ryan Air customer representative that it's best to book the flights earlier due to prices increasing as the plane becomes fuller. I was exceptionally disappointed and saddened to discover that when I checked the same flight on 4/12/2016, our same flights for our family were £712.44 which is a significantly lower price (£632.88 ) . We are a hard working family who frequently fly with Ryan Air and I feel my family has been 'ripped off'. To be advised that the prices will increase prior to us booking months ago to in actual fact the costs of the same flight being almost half the price somewhat 3 weeks before we fly is just despicable. I can very much appreciate that prices of flights fluctuate and the fact that prices cannot be guaranteed however to be advise that the costs of the flight would increase following our booking to learn they are almost half the price if we had booked now is very upsetting. Please can you advise why this information was given and please advise on how you can justify the reduction in costs for the same flight, same number of passengers etc. This has really put a black cloud over our main family holiday at Christmastime knowing we have lost £632.88 of our hard earned money by booking the flights when we did due to misleading information.
I look forward to you're reply. Many Thanks
Kind Regards
Mr Richard and family

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