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I put the order in on 12/13; NINE DAYS LATER I get an email telling – J Paul Raines email address

Maggie sent a message to J. Paul Raines – Chief Executive Officer of GameStop Corporation – Email Address that said:

I put the order in on 12/13; NINE DAYS LATER I get an email telling me it was cancelled. I tried to call the 800 number and STAYED ON HOLD for OVER 85 MINUTES (the first time) and 45 MINUTES - half an hour past customer service 'closing' . NEVER GOT THROUGH.
This was my son's Christmas present. To wait until 3 1/2 days before Christmas to auto-cancel my order - WITH NO CONTACT during the 8+ previous days is unacceptable.
To add insult to injury, we also had a 'hold order' at a local store and NEVER RECEIVED ANY RESPONSE from the local store - even after contacting them TWICE. I was told the first time that I had called in too soon. The second time, I was informed I was "the fourth person to call in with this complaint." Now THEY don't have the item either - and there were FOUR IN-STOCK when I placed the hold to pick up order.
I am SO disappointed in GameStop. We have been customers for over 20 years - no kidding.
PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP. I would hope that there is some type of way to 'fix' this issue - I am willing to explore options to be able to provide my son with what he would like for Christmas--- not the end of the world, but honestly, this is a really crappy way to do business - don't you think??
I would hope to hear back from SOMEONE soon!

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