I read an alarming article entitled: ldquo;Feminist Moms Create ldquo;Hijab Barbiesrdquo; To Fight – Christopher A Sinclair email address

Brenda Romano sent a message to Christopher A. Sinclair - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Mattel, Inc. - Email Address that said:

I read an alarming article entitled: “Feminist Moms Create “Hijab Barbies” To Fight Racism.” I understand this is the brain child of, Gisele Fetterman, Safaa Bokhari and Kristen Michael to encourage “exclusivity” and fight racism. It has been reported on the “Hello Hijab” website that the dolls will be available on April 1st with 100% of the proceeds going to organizations that “protect” and “honor” our multicultural communities. The $6 dollar handmade hijabs are to come with a explaining what a hijab is: “The international symbol of the oppression of women courtesy of the most misogynistic belief system on the planet?”

Whats next?
1 Produce a line of attack Ken dolls that come with acid which can be thrown on Barbie dolls that arent wearing a hijab?
2 Offer an expansion pack which includes a group of male dolls so children can re-enact “taharrush gamea” - better known as rape gangs that particularly target women not wearing hijabs?
3 Produce a line of Barbie dolls which include miniature stones so children can practice executing their dolls as rape victims?
4 Produce a line of Barbie dolls who have female genitals so children can practice female genital mutilation?
5 Produce a line of Barbie dolls with a family so children can practice “honor killings?”
6 Produce a line of child Barbie dolls so children can practice pedophilia?
7 Produce a line of Barbie dolls as sex slaves?

A hijab is a not a race. For these women to claim they are fighting racism with the hijab if a farce. A doll wearing a hijab is a sign of “exclusivity.” It is a sign of exclusivity in connection with the brutal subjugation of women. It is siren call for violence against women.

The US Code of Federal Regulations defines terrorism as “the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives.”

It is very easy to setup a go-fund-me page to bring a class action suit against you, these women and any stores that carry this abomination for inciting violence against women. It is very easy to turn all of you into the FBI and Homeland Security for investigation of terrorism charges. It is very easy to continue the social media campaign against all of you. It is very easy to encourage boycotting all of your products or any stores that support hate crimes.

The Barbie doll has been a symbol for you company. It has been a money maker. To allow this doll to be misused in this manner borders on the criminal. I strongly encourage you to re-examine your continued participation in this shameful/hateful enterprise and withdraw as soon as possible.


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