I sent a message to your customer service on how difficult your website is to – Brian C Cornell email address

Cheryl sent a message to Brian C. Cornell Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Target Corporation that said:

I sent a message to your customer service on how difficult your website is to use the on-line ad (having just discontinued getting the Sunday paper, I wanted to still see your ad). I received back a canned reply from Rajashekar that I cut and pasted below. (Did your customer service move to India?) Too bad he did not read the email, since I had included information that would have been useful to improve the user experience for your on-line ads. I mentioned things like being able to hover over and enlarge the items, (even Big Lots does that), so that you don't have to click and look at each item. How a wrong picture would pop up (ad said blueberries, but a box of blackberries showed up). How the ad said rugs for sale, but when you click on the quick view, you see the first red rug, and it looks like there is another color rug below it, but you cant scroll down. How you can't click through to the actual item, so you can see sizes, and other info on the item.
I am wondering if I will get any response, or if Target just doesn't care.
Below is the response I received:

hello Cheryl,
We want your Target.com experience to be fun and easy. Sometimes, technical problems may get in the way. I'm sorry to hear that you’re experiencing trouble on our Target.com website.

I suggest you to try these troubleshooting tips:

Delete your browser history
Clear your cookies
Restart your computer

If you're still having trouble, check that youre using a browser and operating system supported by Target.com:

Browsers: Internet Explorer® 8.0/IE 9.0+, Google™ Chrome (latest stable version) and Firefox® (latest stable version)
Operating Systems: Windows® 7 and Mac™ OS 10.7/10.8

If you are still having trouble placing your order, give us a call  and we will be happy to place the order for you. When you call, please give this case number to the team member

We value suggestions like yours because they help us learn more about what you’re looking for on Target.com. We’re always looking for ways to improve your online shopping experience and will be sure to share your feedback with the appropriate team.

Thanks for getting in touch. We'll keep working to provide the great service you've come to expect from Target.

We hope you'll visit Target.com again soon.


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