I sent the following email more then one week ago and no answer from your – Michael OLeary email address

Ilaria  sent a message to Michael O’Leary – CEO, Ryanair – Email Address that said:

I sent the following email more then one week ago and no answer from your customer service. Sorry but this is really unbearable!!
This is increasing my frustration and my disappointment! I forward here what I wrote, hoping to be heard from you.

I normally am not too irritated regarding moderately inconvenients about flights. However, the hassle I experience last saturday trying to get home to Rome from Dublin, was just unacceptable.
There has been a combinations of events since Friday evening.

Around 01.00pm, I received a message on my phone informing me about the cancellation of my flight next morning at 6.20 a.m.
First of all, I was working until 7pm so i didn't have the chance to check other flights or options.
But even if I was able to check internet searching alternatives, the time given to us was ridiculous for a big company such as you meant to be.

Anyway all the Ryan Air flights were full and I was forced to buy other flights with another company, and you can immagine how was difficult to find a place and how much it was expensive...last minute flights are like diamonds!!

I tried to have a chat (live chat or phone call) with your Customer Service, but was unavailable for ages. No help from your side, even if for an advice or suggestions.
Im sorry, but to be honest this is not the way to assist customers with their needs.

Finally after almost one day (to be optimistic) spent between airport of different cities, I arrived home really tired.
If this was not enough, I wasted a half day holiday at work, as I arrived late .

I am really disappointed, not because of the strike, but instead for the lack of care and organisation.
I'm a frequent flyer, but now on I don't think I will join you so often. As a usual customer, I'm not looking for complementary service, food or luxury;
what I need, sorry what I expect and require from you, is only reliability and trustworthiness, but this time you miss both!

I tought your new sentence could be "low fares, made complicated"(sorry if I'm a bit sarcastic but is due to the circumstances).

I hope you understand my frustration and my request for 50euro compensation, as I had to take a new flight to get asap to my office and as I wasted half day from my holiday balance.

Best Wishes for 2016,


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