I sent this to Rebecca and as usual have got the run round and lets ignore – Ross McEwan email address

Graham sent a message to Ross McEwan CEO, Royal Bank of Scotland that said:

I sent this to Rebecca and as usual have got the run round and lets ignore the fraud bit as of no consequence . Dear Rebecca. Thank you for the courtesy of a reply.. You will be briefed by a very biased section of the RBS/NatWest team . They will try to show you the matter has been resolved but it has not. What I thought was just a case of bad selling practice and aproach the care team with that was incorrect. But they assured me there was no misellling or wrongdoing and I should persue the matter with Scotish Mutual. Why I do not know or should I say I do now. Delaying tactics . When I took the case tp the Ombudsman I had a very understanding adjudicator who tried desperately to help but the giant of the bank played the Ace card and said they could not has I had brought it to the Ombudsman past the time limit. Very crafty. But on speaking to an Adjudicator from the Ombudsman dept. they said persue this further and dig deeper but also bear in mind the bank finances the Ombudsman service. They would say no more. But I did peruse it and found a bank contact who pointed me in the right direction. This was not bas selling but Fraud. I was told that I would be lead to believe I was being given good financial advice and in my best interests. That although the project I had in mind to secure my pensionable age . A project I thought sound. No matter how good the Manager would dissuade me from it and instead invest in the Pension from Scottish Mutual . This I was told would guarantee me at least £83 per week and would possibly increase plus a large cash lump sum. But I was still of the opinion my project better. I had been offered a property in need of modernisation at a very low price. this I would refurbish and rent out to cover any loan untill I retired . Then I could either sell or keep renting. Managers first question was , what did I know about renovating a house being as I was a Marine Engineer. I replied, I built my own house, will that do. That stumped him for a bit then he laughed and said it was still foolish as property prices had stopped increasing and would remain at the same level. I had to concede that he knew more about market prices etc than me. So he talked me into the Rubish Pension. This I did not realise untill my enquires gave him a bonus and that is why he rubbished my scheme and pushed me to a worthless Pension. His Guarantee of wealth from it never apeared. He totally lied for his own benefit. That is Fraud. When you are deceived by a person in authority for their own gain , that is fraud.\nI was told by one of the care team that has the Bank had not lost any money from his actions it was not classed as Fraud. I call that rewritting the rule book. Incidentally the property sold for £100k more than I would have paid for it. Nice pension pot. If only.

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