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I submitted a claim on November 20, 2016 online because of a water leak. I – Christopher J Swift email address

Suzanne  sent a message to Christopher J. Swift – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Hartford – Email Address that said:

I submitted a claim on November 20, 2016 online because of a water leak. I then received a letter from Courtney Ault, Inside Claim Rep, stating that my claim had been assigned to her. They first sent out American Leak Detection to locate the water leak (dishwasher)and take up the flooring. Then Service Master came in with their dryers on November 28, 2016 and then came back on December 10, 2016 to pick up the equipment. One of my roommates signed for the equipment being picked up and then it is my belief that Service Master then went out to their truck and added an addendum almost on top of the signature by my roommate. When I got out of the hospital (3weeks) I printed out that statement and immediately contacted Courtney Ault and sent her a copy. When we talked she was in agreement with me that it looked like Service Master had added it after it was already signed. She said she forward it to her supervisor. When the flooring people came out to put my floor down, they told me that if they did the flooring it would be just one problem on top of another. I immediately contacted Courtney and was so upset. It had been a month since Service Master took out their equipment and this problem could have already been resolved had Service Master done their job. Since then I have been going round and round with Courtney Ault and the adjuster Tim Bennett. Today is January 26, 2017 and still have nothing done. Chris Keller Construction from Petaluma is suppose to be taking care of doing a new subfloor and then I can get the flooring company to put down the new floor. My problem is that Tim Bennett continues to not listen to me and is deducting the deductible of 250..00 not only from the check to Chris Keller Construction but that amount of 250.00 was already deducted from the check of 2230.88 which was for the flooring and insulation. My deductible is only 250.00 not 500.00! This is absolutely ridiculous!! Please help me get this straighten out and provide me with the customer service everyone talks about. If you need to contact me by phone

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