I thought I would share this story. If I was the CEO, I would want – Akio Toyoda email address

Mary Tutlo sent a message to Akio Toyoda President and CEO, Toyota Motor Corporation - email address that said:

I thought I would share this story. If I was the CEO, I would want to hear this. Between my husband and I we have purchased 7 new Toyota vehicles in our lifetime, and we are both under 50, which means we could have potentially have purchased many more. We have always been self proclaimed brand ambassadors for Toyota. Up until December we had 3 of them in our driveway. In December, we went to the dealership to purchase 2 vehicles. We told them that, and we purchase 2 Toyotas there 3 years before so they must have realized we were serious. I gave them a bunch of options that would work; we could buy my lease out and the lease another Toyota, return my lease and purchase 2 other vehicle etc... they said lets take it one step at a time they suggested I buy my lease out. So we did that deal. During that deal I bragged how we LOVE Toyota, and how we have purchased 7 of them. I asked since I am buying my car, yet still leaving with the same car (which lacked the new car purchase excitement) I asked them; can you wash it for me? NO Can you throw in new mats? NO My key doesnt work, can you replace the battery? (and that last question was to a manager, after I expressed how unhappy I was becoming) his response was you can buy a battery at Target .... after I signed the papers. They let me walk out...they never even addressed me buying the other car. No call. No follow up. I even went on Yelp and gave them a lackluster review....no response. I feel that I was more loyal to Toyota then Toyota was to me. We left there with one vehicle. The next week we bought our first ever NON Toyota vehicle. Everybody asks us why? They all know we were loyal Toyota customers....we tell them that story. Sorry, that it was long. And maybe you dont even care but I know that if I was the CEO I would care. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Mary Tutalo 848-248-8786

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