I tried to give best buy another try, but my experience is not any better – Hubert Joly email address

Betty Myers sent a message to Hubert Joly President and CEO, Best Buy email address that said:

I tried to give best buy another try, but my experience is not any better then the one I had in Alpharetta a few years ago. I took my computer to the best buy in tiger town in al the last of January and pick it up on Feb 1st. I thought the problem had been fixed, but it had not, it was rebooting itself. I had them to put a new hard drive in. I took it back on Wednessday and and pick it up thinking it had been fixed but was not. I was on the phone with greek squad twice and it couldnt be fixed. I took it back again and after about a month they said i had a bad mother board. It takes a month to tell me this. So today i went back to purchase a new compluter, but the one i picked it was not in stock. There was a box sitting under the one i picked, but the salesperson said no that is not the one we dont have it here. We have to have one shipped and it will be almost a week before we can have it ready for you. I was told they would refund the hard drive price and give me credit toward the new compjuter and when it was rung up i was told they coulnt do that. I was planning on buying a tv there, but now i dont think i will. I can get just as good service from Walmart as you guys and that is not saying much for your company. I am not happy with the service at all. I dont think there is going to be a third time for best buy. NOT HAPPY AT ALL WITH THE SERVICE I RECEIVED TODAY

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