I truly hope you get this. As a lifetime gamer and a GameStop exclusive shopper – J Paul Raines email address

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I truly hope you get this. As a lifetime gamer and a GameStop exclusive shopper I have a few things I want to say. Im not anybody just another guy with an opinion but I hope you give it at least a small amount of consideration

GameStop is always been the central hub for gamers but as we know its moving digital. I understand youve tried to diversify by reaching out to mobile phone-based product and other various marketing ideas including the increase in PowerUp reward program which I think is a good idea but please hear me as a strong believer in what GameStop can be that youre going the wrong way. Phone applications are small time you already have the brand why are we downsizing to a smaller Market sure mobile phones cover multiple Generations but thats not who youre selling to youre selling to my generation the Millennials the ones who bought Sega Dreamcast a Nintendo 64 games in your stores when we were kids now not only are we reaching our Peak purchasing power but we also have children of our own who see what we do so focusing on the millennial generation will intern gain the future generation. We Millennials are having kids so early that its no longer lame to do what your parents do were not 50 year old with 10 year old kids that want nothing to do with us were in our mid to late twenties with four through 10 year old that will do whatever they see their parents do. Your brand is dying because youre not moving with us. Sure you continue to post profits but for how long digital media is the way to go why have we not focused all efforts on Console apps that are virtual GameStop stores why continue to let everybody see your physical establishments dying and degrading the brand name when you can reinvent them consider bringing back Retro Gaming for your physical locations and focused primarily on digital stores for the console. The name is already there we would easily pick it up and make you are primary online retailer. Please dont rely on the lack of bandwidth in rural communities in a small-time diversification dont take a step back youre already so far ahead just keep moving forward. Our generation is lazy slowly dying is the day where we would go out on midnight and pick up a game now we can purchase it online even get it sooner sometimes, instead lets make group streaming with game trivia for entertainment while waiting on a release of a digital copy. The physical locations dont have to die lets make them repair shops for consoles were meeting hubs for League Gamers to play in a unified location. When I was growing up Gamers were weird look down on because we didnt talk to anybody outside of our group now even the most popular kid in school can be a hardcore gamer. Its going to be more non physically social then ever before. Major League Gaming is gaining rapid success in the Publics eye maybe consider giving Steam a run for their money in the PC industry.

If you read all of that I appreciate it. I know GameStop has the possibility of being a top dog in this new movement the gaming industry is taking we just have to keep moving forward dont fall back dont give any ground. Youre a Powerhouse act like it.

Thank you for your time

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