I used to be an advocate for making a career at McDonalds, but after 21 – Steve Easterbrook email address

Scarlett sent a message to Steve Easterbrook- CEO of McDonald’s – email address that said:

I used to be an advocate for making a career at McDonalds, but after 21 years that changed. I have been at the McDonalds in Pulaski Tn for 21 years. My husband was the store manager for 37 years. After getting a raise and having the highest profit year ever, he was fired for giving an employee a cooler that the supervisor had told him to throw away. The owner wanted my husband to fire the employee for theft. My husband refused stating the supervisor said to trash it so he told him he could have it. The owner fired my husband and even ban him from the property. She also did nothing (not even mentioned the cooler) to the employee she demanded him to fire. Kevin had dedicated his life to that store. The owner/operator, Betty, had recorded the meeting in which she fired him. In this meeting she stated she would give him severance pay for the commitment he had made by devoting 37 years to McDonalds. He only received a partial check since it was in the middle of a pay period. So giving your life to McDonalds was worth nothing to the business. McDonalds doesn't care about their employees, it is all for show. I understand some stores are own by individual owner/operators, but their practices and discrimations impact the over all company. I will make sure I share his story with everyone that will listen. You can ask any consultant or department head in the Indy region, they all are familiar with Kevin Taylor and his commitment to this company that threw him out without a second thought.

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