I visited your 41941 Garfield location in Michigan because I was close by twice in – W Rodney McMullen email address

SHARHONDA CLARK sent a message to Rodney McMullen - Chief Executive Officer of The Kroger Co. email address that said:

I visited your 41941 Garfield location in Michigan because I was close by twice in one week. I normally only shop at the 23 Mile and Hayes location. Each time I visited it was clear that the cashier manipulate and make up their own policy as they go. No one is on the same page. The first day I was helped by a cashier name Diane. My item was $1.99 and I had a $2 coupon. She told me she could only use my coupon if the item price was at least .01 cent over the coupon amount. I asked her could she just adjust the coupon to only give me $1.99 off. She said she could not. I thought out it was a bit much for .01 cent the store would gain as a profit anyway, but I left it alone. I understand not getting overage and that some people take advantage of that. I talked to her for a while after this and she explained to me how she pretty much makes her own policy as she sees fit based on her own personal bias. She also let it be known that she has been there so long that the managers go along with whatever she tells the customers, so she is happy when they ask for management.

On 8/5/17, I came back and dealt with a customer service representative by the name of Ashley. She clearly made up her own policy as well and her policy was far fetch and ridiculous. I was told by her that at Kroger in order to use a coupon you must spend at least 75% more than the coupon value to use it. I know this is untrue! According to her, this would mean that I would have to buy an item that is at least $3.50 in order to use a $2 coupon.

I know that there is a strict policy on no more than 5 like coupons per day per customer. I also know that Kroger, and no other store for that matter, allows overage. Considering the conversation earlier that week I had with Diane there would be no point in asking to speak with upper management or a store manager because they will go with what the cashier says per Diane. As long as the product matches each guideline on the coupon and is at least the amount of or more than the coupon value the coupon should be accepted. Two cashiers at the same location making their own policy and basically scaring customers into believing that upper management back them up. Doesnt seem fair that a cashier can decide how much money you spend out of your pocket. Why should I spend 75% more than I have to on an item after a coupon if I dont have too? Where is the proper training in policy for cashiers? Why is no one working on one accord? Why is Diane so excited about making her own rules and not caring if one day she gets in trouble? Why has management made Dianes attitude justifiable in mistreating customers? All I ask is that everyone be consistent and actually follow policy. It took me weeks to write because it seem like there would be no point, besides I have a different location I shop at. Over the last few weeks it just hasnt sat well with and I feel it is important to say something. There may be other people having the same issue.

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