I want you to be aware of two Met-Ed employees who went above and beyond – Charles E Jones Jr

Joy K Lederman sent a message to Charles E. Jones Jr.  Chief Executive Officer and President of FirstEnergy Corp.  Email Address that said:

I want you to be aware of two Met-Ed employees who went above and beyond their required duties to help me. Their names are Lorette Murray (Line Department) and John Chronister (Engineering Department). I contacted Met-Ed several times to inquire about the status of my approval to switch on the Solar Panels that were installed on my house back in August. Both of these employees were unfailingly polite and helpful even when I was unpleasant, and I don't think either of them were really the right person to be talking to. Lorette was especially wonderful as she finally called Solar City/Tesla directly and worked with my contact there to get the whole situation straightened out. I was given the approval to switch the Solar on shortly after her intervention. Met-Ed/FirstEnergy should be extremely proud to have such caring employees as these two individuals. Both John and Lorette went out of their way to provide me with the best customer care possible. Rather than transferring a cranky customer, they each took ownership of my complaint and worked with me to get the situation resolved. Kudos to them, and to MetEd. (P.S. Also, thanks to your entire crew who works tirelessly in the worst of weather to keep the lights on.)

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