I wanted to reach out and tell you of the extremely poor service I have – Greg D Carmichael email address

Eileen Vanderburg sent a message to Greg D. Carmichael - Chief Executive Officer of Fifth Third Bancorp - Email Address that said:

I wanted to reach out and tell you of the extremely poor service I have received from your organization. On 4/8 I opened up an HSA account and was told that a test transfer would be done. I would need to confirm and then the amount of the funds needed would be transferred from my savings account to the HSA. When I went in to confirm I found they had set up the transfer from my Checking account, not my savings. No big deal, I transferred from my savings to cover and confirmed the transfer from the checking to the HSA account had gone through. Today I went into my checking account to verify the amount of my payroll deduction and found that the transfer to my HSA account never happened. When I called to talk to the banker that set up the account I was told that she was no longer with your company. I was then told I would get a call back shortly after they found out why it did not happen. Four hours later I get a call telling me I had to call HSA support that they could not help me. When I called the 53 HSA support I was told that they could not transfer funds between the accounts. How can that be when you did a test transfer? They dont know why I was told this and they too could not help me. What good is your bank if you cannot help the people who bank with you? Especially when it is your employees who did this wrong. I am now having to file an amended tax return and potentially penalties due to your employees inability to do their jobs.

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