I wanted to share with you that Julie Rheault’€™s support to my organization has been – Virginia Rometty email address

Ken  sent a message to Virginia M. Rometty Chairman, President, and CEO, IBM that said:

Hello Ms. Rometty,

I wanted to share with you that Julie Rheault'€™s support to my organization has been outstanding. Actually, I find her support to be the best out of most IBM employees I have dealt with in recent memory.

Prior to working with Julie, administrative aspects about my IBM account was for several years (literally) in a state of confusion. We simply could not connect with an IBM employee who would address (or even understood) the Capitol Police’s importance in establishing our unique Period of Performance needs. She also was the first employee that seemed able and willing to address (administrative-wise) the Capitol Police us from an enterprise level.

Once Julie got involved, things have significantly improved. Also noteworthy is that Julie took the time to explain, clarify and recommend several things about how accounts are properly managed within IBM.

Julie takes her position with a sense of responsibility, and proactive in all she does. I find this refreshing in age of declining personalized service.

Would appreciate you sharing our thanks with Julie, and ensure the circle of IBM Federal Contract Managers that are familiar with the Capitol Police are made aware of her accomplishments.

FYI - Julie's immediate supervisor is tina

Much Appreciation,


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