I was at homedepot in Anderson sc on wed bought 40 2x4x8 when I went – Craig Menear email address

bruce mccoy sent a message to Craig Menear Chairman, CEO and President of The Home Depot email address that said:

I was at homedepot in Anderson sc on wed bought 40 2x4x8 when I went out loading area was full said to employ they need to get them to move he said good luck. so I called 911 cop said that they could do nothing since it private property. officer spoke to female manager she said they were not hurting anything. yes when people park there then they go looking .it causes priblems for the people who are loading or need to load. because others have loading area blocked. if you load in parking lot and get hit by a car who gonna pay. if fire truck or ambulance need to get there for fire or to pick someone up maybe heart attack or they got hurt. whose responsible. so since the manager does not care about people parking there and I cannot load after purching what I need then I will shop else where o got a large order about $2500+ I will be buying from lowes since I cannot load there. as no one cares where peole park and block your loading area I on my way to bank to get money for lowes sorry but my business gone from your store. on my pro account I spent over 11k last year anw with what all I bought there was probably over 15k . and you afe going to lose a 2.5k sale today because manager does not care that people block your loading area thanks Bruce McCoy 864-932-8955

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