I was at the mcdonald\'s on woodward. My car was towed in less than 10 – Steve Easterbrook email address

Monique Phillips sent a message to Steve Easterbrook- CEO of McDonalds email address that said:

I was at the mcdonalds on woodward. My car was towed in less than 10 mins. They towing company said that mcdonalds manager watches the cars. I was in for less than 10 min and you guys have employees that you are paying per hour that is watching traffic and not their job. Not only that, it was reported that this location calls even if your sitting in your car. This location has cost me $395 in which both woodward mcdonalds and the towing company will be reported to the state attorney general. I am reaching out to you for discloser. I have the names of the managers at the location as well along with time stamp. My name is Monique Phillips, 3136568484,phillipsmoniquem@yahoo.com. I truly hope that I can get some form of help from you or your associates.

Truly angry and frustrated!!

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