I was recently employed by Kroger , I was told – W Rodney McMullen email address

Nathaniel sent a message to Rodney McMullen – Chief Executive Officer of The Kroger Co. email address that said:

I was recently employed by Kroger on.
I was told before the hiring process that I was to wait for background report results. I was then called the next day to start training. I sat through hours and hours of training. Before the hiring process I put on the application that I had a felony. I was charged in 2007 when I was 16 or 17 for joy riding. I worked at this location around October or November last year and around December I was about to clock in one morning and was fired because I have a background. The Manager who fired me is Johnathan. I dont understand why they did that to me. I did nothing but work my butt off for them and even had customers coming up to me saying how helpful I was to them. I worked in the deli department and stock. Yes, it is May of 2016, but I am bringing this to your attention because every job application I fill out now, I have to explain why I only worked 2 months at Kroger. And that is not easy to do online or during a interview. This is really upsetting to me considering the fact I am 27 years old, attending classes at Washtenaw Community College, had a stable job going on, and still in my parents basement. I had a good thing going and then I was taken advantage of. It may be easy for you guys to just ignore this email and say oh well, but it would be nice for some of you managers to walk in someone else's shoes for once and see how depressed and hopeless towards life you become. I know its my fault for being a ignorant teenager and I am responsible for my own actions. But that doesn't mean that you guys get to throw that in my face as an excuse to fire someone because the holiday season is over with.

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