I went Into to the North 90th Street location (in Omaha, NE between Maple and – Gregory L Henslee email address

Jamie Nelson sent a message to Gregory L. Henslee - Chief Executive Officer and President of OReilly Automotive Inc. - Email Address that said:

I went Into to the North 90th Street location (in Omaha, NE between Maple and Fort) on Friday to return a part that we purchased on 2/1/17. As soon as I walked in with my box and receipt the guy at the front desk, Bobby, tried to refuse me stating that they cannot do returns right now because they do not have cash. He immediately asked if the part had been installed and I stated no. I advised that my husband paid with a card so we should be fine. He proceeded to pull out the sensor and stare at it for 3 minutes, I truly believe he didnt even knew what he was looking at. He said he would need to go ask someone for help and walked away with my part in hand. He came back a short while later and walked up to the manager and asked if the part had been used, the manager looked at it for literally all of 1.5 seconds and said yes it had been used and Bobby handed it back to me. Unless this location sold my husband a used sensor there is no way this was ever used, it never left the box and was in my car the two weeks we had it, I had slacked on making it back for a return. Someone by the name of Mike called me, without seeing the part or asking what it was basically stated all they would do was offer a store credit, I declined because I now have no interest in ever using this company again. At no time was it ever acknowledged that the part has a core charge on it as well! So even if we had decided to keep it and use it, I could have brought the old sensor in for a $30 refund! I have decided to dispute the charge with my bank because I am now stuck with a new part that we have no use for and the company will not assist us! I can be contacted by email at jamielnelson13@gmail.com.

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