I went to the 5th/3rd bank on 5430 Monroe St., Toledo, OH 43623 this morning – Greg D Carmichael email address

Gloria Eckhart sent a message to Greg D. Carmichael Chief Executive Officer of Fifth Third Bancorp Email Address that said:

I went to the 5th/3rd bank on 5430 Monroe St., Toledo, OH 43623 this morning to inquire about opening a checking account. I currently have two checking accounts, one with Charter 1 and one with my credit union. I received a $200.00 bonus card in the mail for 5th 3rd saying "Get a $200 cash bonus when you open a new 5th/3rd checking account with a balance of $50. or more". When I turned over the notice, it read on the $200 bonus card "$200 bonus when you open a 5th/3rd checking account with qualifying activation". To me this is contradicting. Its either with opening an account with $50. or more OR with qualifying activation. Its like they make it sound so good just to get you in the door. Well, I hand it to you, that part worked. I asked at the bank, do you offer free checking for 55 and older people. He said "No", very blunt like. I said what are your service fees per month? He said "$11.00 per month unless you carry a $1,500.00 balance or more". I said Ill keep my accounts at Charter 1 and with my credit union. I live in the real world. I work for a living, I dont live off the government. If I cant afford something, I dont buy it. Sir,your bank is asinine. Who the heck has $1,500.00 to just let lay around to save them $11.00 per month? I have two savings accounts, Christmas Club, I FLOAT money in both my accounts for emergencies. I will not now nor ever pay a service fee just to keep a checking account. I was very disappointed in the service. He made me feel like he could care less if I opened an account or not. I was there at about 9:30 in the morning on 10/23/17.

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