I wish to complain about a raise in my insurance rates for no good reason – Thomas J Wilson email address

connie graveman sent a message to Thomas J. Wilson - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Allstate Corporation - Email Address that said:

I wish to complain about a raise in my insurance rates for no good reason, the reason we were told is someone inquired into our credit report which we knew because we were looking to buy a new car. then the second reason was because we had an increase in debt, yes because we bought the new car. We had not bought a new car in over 20 years and our punishment was to have our insurance raised, lowered our deductible and today our front headlight was broken out while in a parking lot at a hospital where we were visiting a sick relative. A police report was filed but we were informed better to pay for the damage due to the deductible being high. WHAT ARE WE PAYING INSURANCE FOR THEN? I will say a month after the premium was paid we had our first accident but it was the deers fault and your company was great but today was the topper and brought back all the anger I had built up inside about the premium raise. Its too bad because all our vehicles and house are with your company and until this we were very satisfied. If we deserved the increase I would understand but WE DID NOT DESERVE IT. Thank you

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