I wish to inform you of the intolerable way your Customer Service Dept is treating – Harry Hohmeister email address

Heide Rice sent a message to Harry Hohmeister CEO, Swiss International Air Lines Email Address that said:

I wish to inform you of the intolerable way your Customer Service Dept is treating me, unlike the way it has treated me in the past. My next flight to Zürich from Miami is scheduled for 02/24/18 with return 03/03/18. Purpose of trip is to pick up my new pet, miniature schnauzer puppy, born 11/22/17 to a Swiss breeder. Ticket was bought 11/22/17. I discussed with the agent that I did not want to take her from her mother before 12 weeks age so made these arrangements which were immediately confirmed and paid for. Last week I learned per your “new rule” I cannot bring the puppy on board prior to 16 weeks age, will not be grandfathered in and must pay a change fee and any additional ticket cost to bring her home. The puppy will be 14weeks 3 days old on March 3. I have long ago made plans - taking time off my work as a physician being the most difficult if not impossible to reschedule. I dont know when your “new rule” was made, but it was certainly not obvious on your website 11/24/17 nor was any mention made by your agent. The fact that I am not being grandfathered in and will receive no refund for this deceptive violation of my contract for ticket purchase is absolutely infuriating.
I hope you will remedy this at least with a full refund of the price for myself and the dog as I am seeking another carrier. Even though mine is not a common problem, it reflects very poorly on the way your company now does business. I have flown with you many times and provided voluntary medical services on board at least twice.

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