I work at the Saddlecreek location. As of today I gave notice of no longer – Dennis Eidson email address

Annette Worley sent a message to Dennis Eidson - Chief Executive Officer and President of SpartanNash Company - Email Address that said:

I work at the Saddlecreek location. As of today I gave notice of no longer working there. I spoke to Chris the Store Director there. He stated since I was not giving a proper two week notice that it was nog necessary to sign any form stating this . I have had some absentees due to having a mom mental illness I can not control having also time missed due to my husband becoming ill he is considered disabled. I was told by Chris I was being wrote up for assessing absentees. I just got back from being hospitalized for a week. I could not help that. I find Chris to be the most abrasive non caring person Ive ever met. If he and whoever is hiring and firing now educated all their staff especially new staff that they can pull up Family Fares employees policies on line to read make them aware of absentees rules. A employees hours they normally work should not be cut due to being absent due to medical reasons . Vonda tells employees that they have missed some work therefore their hours get cut . That is discrimination . If someone Id out for a medical reason and s Doctor states it is good to return back to work why punish that employee . I see cashiers wearing jeans now is there not a dress code ? Those that are employed there are not being trained properly their lucky if they get one day .they are required to waste the customers time writing out a form stating why a item did not ring up or on sale in which that happens a lot. If that job is done correctly the cashiers would nit have to correct it. I praise Lavonda for her being always supportive to me and all staff . I have never been at a store where I see so many problems with Chris coming on board. I am employed with a different company now where I will be making more money and they respect their staff Chris does not . He even stated I should have been fired where are my write ups on that ? I have busted my butte their and customers love me they seek me out call me cute nicknames even . I feel sorry Chris doesnt care about those things . I wish him luck however and look forward to being employed elsewhere. God bless

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