I would like to alert you to the utterly horrible customer service system utilized by – J Paul Raines email address

Susan sent a message to J. Paul Raines – Chief Executive Officer of GameStop Corporation – Email Address that said:
I would like to alert you to the utterly horrible customer service system utilized by your company. I have been a long time enthusiast of Gamestop, but I am considering ending being a customer at Gamestop. Since last Saturday, 5/14/16, I have been trying to resolve an issue that is making it impossible for me to utilize my powerup rewards membership coupons, online services, or app. After an hour on the phone with customer service and then being switched to a supervisor, i was informed that the only resolution possible was for me to wait for a response from some unknown department within 3 business days. Today, 5/201/16, I called again because I have had not response. I requested to speak to a supervisor and after 30 minutes of being left on hold, I was told that there was no supervisor answering the supervisor line, so there was NOTHING that could be done to help me. That was it, I was told NOTHING could be done to help me. I thnik the first rule of customer serive is never state that nothing can be done!!! I was told that a request could be submitted for some unknown person to get back to me within 3 business days.
Gamestop markets to computer/online "geeks." I would expect that as a result, the online and smartphone apps would function well and have IT folks who could actually be helpful. I am utterly dismayed at the response I have received from your customer service department. I requested a refund of my membership fee and was told that they could not help me and I need to go to the store. This has been an endless stream of ridculouness that I have never faced with any other customer service interaction with any other company. I dont have time for all of this and will be going to the store on Saturday to use more of my time to end my membership, get a refund and stop doing business there. And the sad thing is all I wanted to do was be able to utilize a coupon sent to me for $15 on my email that I cannot utilize because the stupid App does not work and no one in your business can figure it out.

If I were CEO, I would be quite unhappy with all of this. i hope that you can find a way to address the issues or this company will be swallowed by all of the other competitors out there.

Regards, Susan

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