I would like to express my concern and the way I was treated during my – Akio Toyoda email address

Kumaravel Narayanan sent a message to Akio Toyoda President and CEO, Toyota Motor Corporation - email address that said:

I would like to express my concern and the way I was treated during my recent service for my Prius @ Jemca Toyota Reading. I have been serving my car in Toyota, Reading for last seven years. I do have another car (Lexus) which is also Toyota group and serving with Lexus, Reading for 7 years.

I gave my car for service this morning (19/09/17). I got a call from the Service center in the afternoon. I was informed about the observation on the car, also I was told that they could not replace the car key battery as they think it may break if they do so. I said it was okay and leave without replacing battery. I understood that the key holder was broken two years back, due to that they could not change it. The key condition was same for last two years.

When the vehicle was handed over to me @ around 3:00 PM, there was a black tape around the key. I opened and noticed that one side cover ripped halfway. I called the service center immediately and I was advised to bring the key. I went around 4:00 PM and explained the issue to them.

First I was told that the key was with black tape when the key was handed over in the morning. I said we did not put any tape around the key. The manager went and checked with the technitions and confirmed that the tape was put by the driver who collected the vehicle.

Second threory I was told is, when the tape was removed it should be broken/ripped off the side. But when the same was asked to the technitions, he said it was broken when handed over to him. I asked the driver about the state of the key when the key was handover in the morning. He told that when my wife handed over the key which was in the same state. I had to call my wife who was in the car and asked the same. She said the key was not ripped off when it was handover over.

I strongly feel that key was rippled off when an attempt is made to replace the battery. I felt that I am been victamised and I dont have any evidence to prove it. The manager provided a quote for key replacement and said he can provide 50% off as good will guesture. I dont have any other option and agreed that I will pay £100/-. The key was in good condition except it does not have keyring. I have a plan to replace this car in a year, but now I need to pick this additional cost (even I dont need ).

I would like to bring my feeling and views to you [ Please dont take this as complain, rather feedback ] - If something went wrong during the service, a simple SORRY go far better than victamising the customer and offering 50% discount.
- I learnt that it is time for me to reconsider if I have to continue to use Toyota Service going farward.
- I asked for the complaint procedure. I was told that he is the manager and he will deal with it. I dont have any honest opinon that it will be dealt in a fair way. Also I am surprised to see such a big company does not have proper complaining procedure.
- Jemca Toyota may deal with thoundands of cars and this issue may sounds as small. But behind every successful company, there are customers.

Thanks for your time in reading this. You may not solve the problem, but simple acknowledgement would help me to believe the system is working

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