I would like to tell you how much I appreciate the Southwest staff. My 5 – Gary Kelly email address

Janet sent a message to Gary C. Kelly Chairman, President, and CEO, Southwest Airlines Co. – email address that said:

I would like to tell you how much I appreciate the Southwest staff. My 5 year old granddaughter left her favorite stuffed animal, Froggie, at the Denver International Airport on April 19. She takes that frog everywhere and is her "security blanket". My daughter contacted your lost and found department and was notified that Froggie could not be located. We were devastated due to the fact that we in Denver due to a family emergency and Froggie was needed at this critical time. The next day, one of your staff members, Stacy Smith, called my daughter to tell her that she had noticed my granddaughter and her grandfather playing with Froggie and thought how sweet they looked. She also noticed that Froggie had been left behind and that she had taken Froggie and put it in her locker and told my daughter that she could pick up the frog when we checked in to depart for home the next day. You have no idea how elated we were that someone made the effort to take that frog and hold on to it. When we checked in to leave on the 21st, your check in staff was so excited for us and one of the staff members ran to get the frog. But wait, it gets better. The staff member brought out Froggie wrapped in a blanket with a stuffed bear and a hand written letter from Stacy describing Froggie's adventures while he was with Southwest. We even have a picture to commemorate the reunion. This type of thought and care goes way above and beyond the call of duty. Whenever I tell the story to friends, they all end up crying and told me that this would make an amazing commercial. I have to tell you, the look on my granddaughter's face was priceless when saw her beloved Froggie. Words cannot describe the relief we had, especially since the trip was very difficult for us. The trip back to Virginia was a happy one. I have always and will continue to fly Southwest for many reasons, but this extremely thoughtful and kind effort will never be forgotten.
Just thought you needed to know.

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